Raising a Reader

Posted on May 9, 2019

We promote early literacy by delivering red book bags that circulate in classes at local preschools and offer parent workshops on effective strategies, tips, and tricks for reading aloud to our youngest community members!

Did you know that, more than socioeconomic status or teachers, the greatest factor on whether or not an individual child will be academically successful later on in life is if they are read aloud to at home?

Through a privately-funded program, the Carnegie Library delivers the Raising a Reader program, which has been changing children’s lives for our 20 years through literacy. In practice, this means that children bring home a Red Book Bag each week filled with award-winning books to practice the habit of sharing books and parents receive training in research-based practices to develop the habit of sharing books. When the program is finished, families are connected with our library to maintain the habit of borrowing and sharing books. Raising a Reader’s “Theory of Change” is simple:


1.       Children drive the process and the Red Book Bag and books become a favorite toy;

2.       Program Implementers learn how to train parents in “read aloud” strategies and early brain development;

3.       The book bag delivery system is turnkey: a simple sustainable routine that is easily managed in a number of diverse settings;

4.       Parents learn and engage in “read aloud” strategies and develop a regular book sharing routine with their children;

5.       Families get to know and use their local library;

THEN, children will benefit from healthy brain development, family bonding, and increased literacy skills–all proven elements for lifetime success! Children will enter school with a love of books and will be motivated and ready to learn.

For more information about the National Raising a Reader program, go to: https://www.raisingareader.org/about-us/about-us/