In the Spotlight! Eureka Locals

Posted on February 3, 2021

When celebrating a new year, it is always wise to look back on the highlights of the previous year. Though it has been a difficult and troubling time, here in Eureka Springs, several talented members of our community have published and created many admirable works that you can read and appreciate through the library.

            The youngest new talent is Clover Danos, who has written the young adult novel Mystery of a Witch filled with wild magic and amazing animals experiencing mystery and adventure. It is a book that builds on the traditions of Brian Jacques, Richard Adams, and Erin Hunter. A kind-hearted witch with great healing abilities, the blind fox Sorrel thinks it is better and safer to live a life in the shadows. Then fate draws her into the light where she encounters wonderful friends who help her face curses, castles, and a dragon so that she can solve the mystery of her past in order to become a powerful witch. Just like her character, Clover Danos has a bright future, as an author and artist, ahead of her. You can check the book out of the library and you can go to to learn more about Clover and her creations.

            Janie Pritchett-Clark has written the first entry in the not-so-cozy Cardboard Cottage Mystery series Dying for Dominos under the name Jane Elzey. Amy Sparks runs Tiddlywinks Players Club which is mainly patronized by her three outrageous friends. When her best friend asks the group what is the best way to get rid of a pesky husband, it leads to murder and Amy finds herself playing a game against the killer with her life and freedom at stake. Janie also has a website: where you can visit to learn about upcoming entries in the series, the library has a copy available.

            Another book filled with mystery is Victorian Songlight by Kathy Martone, PhD. She is a Jungian psychologist who specializes in dreamwork, women’s spirituality, and shamanic journeys who has written a story of love, redemption, and magic.

            Writing a literary novel that the Kirkus Review has compared to the style of James Joyce, Charles L Templeton’s Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam is a surreal exploration of a devastating war from the perspective of a Marine helicopter crew chief that has earned its high praise. Raw and unflinching this book became a bestseller on Amazon and was a finalist in the 2020 International Book Awards in the Best New Fiction category.

            Jennifer Angel has written Corona Daze: Eva’s Time at Home During Covid-19 to explain the current pandemic to children in an approachable way. It covers staying home, social distancing, how the virus is contracted, the importance of masks, and more. It also helps children feel less alone in their fears and questions. If you’ve been looking for a good way to discuss the virus with your children this might be the perfect book for you.

            Finally, we have an item that isn’t a book- it is the Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory kits developed by Ruth Sutcliffe which is filled with essential oil scents put together to aid in evoking memories and sparking conversations about the experiences of loved ones struggling with memory loss. The kit comes with clear and easy instructions that will not only improve your sense of smell but uses distinctive scents like lilac, chocolate, mint, popcorn, grass, and more to connect the senses to the stories of the past, the study Ruth Sutcliff conducted with these kits led to great results, so please take advantage of this wonderful resource.

            Seeing how many talented Eurekans have contributed to the shelves at the library, we librarians are excited to see what the 2021 holds in terms of creative output. Hopefully you will not only enjoy these great creations, but you’ll be inspired to craft something that can be added to the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library’s collection!